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MesajSubiect: Flaming Lips, Pussycats in Sims 2 Pets   Flaming Lips, Pussycats in Sims 2 Pets Icon_minitimeMier Ian 23, 2008 5:17 pm

Asa cum pana acum EA a folosit nume mari mai mult pentru coloanele sonore ale jocurilor sportive, jocul The Sims 2 va beneficia de nume consacrate in coloana sonora, ca de exemplu:

Artist / Track / Platform
Aly & AJ / "Chemicals React" / PC and Console
Brazil / "Candles Cast Long Shadows" / PC and Console
Cowboy Troy / "I Play Chicken With a Train" / PC and Console
Cut Copy / "Future" / Console
Dena Deadly / "Fortuzala" / PC and Console
The Flaming Lips / "Free Radicals" / PC and Console
Hot Chip / "Colours" / Console
Hot Chip / "So Glad to See You" / Console
Isabelle Huang / "Hit It" / PC and Console
Jessi Malay / "Topsy Turvy" / PC and Console
Joanna J / "Unthinkable" / PC and Console
Kristen Dex / "Come On Come On" / PC and Console
New Amsterdams / "Turn Out the Light" / PC and Console
Prescott / "Dixie Dixie Where Have You Been All My Life" / PC and Console
Prescott / "Hurt Nobody" / PC and Console
Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band / "Boombox Breakdown" / Console
Saving Jane / "Girl Next Door" / PC and Console
Skye Sweetnam / "Boyhunter" / PC and Console
Something for Rockets / "I Never Know" / PC and Console
Tanaila / "Wow Wow Wow" / PC and Console
The Films / "Black Shoes" / PC and Console
The Format / "The Compromise" / PC and Console
The Netw0rk / "Topy Apa Ty" / PC and Console
Pussycat Dolls / "Don't Cha" / PC and Console
Touchstone / "Simpatico" / PC and Console
W of P3 / "Aff Wubbas Doo" / PC and Console

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Flaming Lips, Pussycats in Sims 2 Pets
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