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Description: F.E.A.R.
Platform: Xbox 360
Genre: Modern First-Person Shooter
Official Site:
Publisher: Vivendi Games
Developer: Day 1 Studios
Game Release Date: Oct 31, 2006
Rip Release Date: 2006.11.04
DiSC Details:


Not Region Free

ESRB Content Descriptors: Strong Language, Blood and Gore, Intense Violence

Features: 16:9 Support, 720p Support, 1080i Support, Dolby Digital 5.1,
Xbox Live, Memory Unit, Custom Soundtrack, Downloadable Content

Ако торента остане без сийд, може да свалите релийза от тук.


F.E.A.R. (First Encounter Assault and Recon) is a first-person close-
quarters combat game for the PC. The story begins when a paramilitary
force infiltrates a multi-billion dollar aerospace compound, and the
government responds by sending in Special Forces. The group loses
contact with the government when an eerie signal interrupts radio
communications--and when that interference subsides moments later, the
team has been destroyed. That's where you come in. As part of a
classified strike team created to deal with threats no one else can
handle, your mission is simple: eliminate the intruders at any cost,
determine the origin of the signal, and contain the potential crisis
before it gets out of control.

This 360 version features brand new single player content, as well as
brand new multiplayer content created to fully utilize Xbox Live.


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